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July, 2011 Posts

House prices inch up 0.2% in July

House prices have risen or remained unchanged for six of 2011's seven monthsHouse prices edged up by 0.2% in July, taking the annual shift in prices to -0.4%, a result of sluggish demand for homes combined with a gradual rise in the supply of available properties, according to Nationwide building society.It said stability had been ...

Talent hunters meant business

Li Yang, a PhD selling tyro during Columbia Business School in New York, faces a tough choice when he graduates subsequent year – either to stay in a United States or lapse to China to demeanour for a job. “Several years ago, a answer would have been simple. Of course, I’d cite to stay in a ...

On the Market: Marilyn Lazarus’ Renovation of El Cid Colonial-Style Home Preserves Vintage Charm

Interior designer Marilyn Lazarus enjoys the challenge of reinvigorating old beauties, which is why her 1930s-era Colonial saltbox-style house, listed in the National Register of Historic Places, attracted her. She bought that home at 210 Sunset Road, a block-and-a-half west of Flagler Drive in West Palm Beach, a half-dozen years ago. And after a year-and-a-half of ...

They giveth; they taketh away

The Economist reports that participation in the U.S. Food Stamps program– designed to insure that poor Americans have enough to eat– had, by this past April,  reached almost 45 million, or one in seven Americans. At the same time, Reuters reports that In 11 states, lotteries provided more revenue than the state corporate income tax in 2009… The Rhode Island ...

What local governments can learn from the Ayalas’ Nuvali

Nuvali, Ayala Land Inc.’s flagship project encompasses 1,840 hectares stretching from Sta. Rosa Laguna all the way to Calamba. It is the most ambitious project in Philippine real estate history which the Ayalas themselves dub as the next Makati Central Business District. Not that they will leave the Makati CBD, but they admitted that with Nuvali, ...

Site Member: A Contrarian’s View of Things

There are still so many ultra-serious questions unanswered that it makes my neck sore from shaking back and forth in wonderment. No pontificating, we will get right to it. What in the world are all the gurus going to say and do when June 30 comes and goes with no RV? Answer – I don’t know ...

Ever Wonder About Security In The Amazon Cloud

The hiccup that Amazon had a while back caused a lot of people to rethink their choices and options around Amazon. One good thing about this is it perhaps caused some folks to question what exactly were the security processes at AWS. Well wonder no more. Amazon has released a whitepaper detailing an overview of ...

What kind of people are we?

Today is Memorial Day and most of us seek to honor those who gave everything for our nation. The men and women to whom this day is dedicated sacrificed their lives on our behalf. They went off to serve their country and left behind parents, spouses, siblings, and children... some of whom would never get ...

Will Tort Lawyers Force Better Cloud Security?

I was reading today about a class action lawsuit being filed against Dropbox, the cloud basedfile storage vendor, for a data breach which exposed their customers data. The suit also claims Dropbox did not properly notify customers of the breach and potential exposure of their information as required by various state statutes.  The suit seeks ...

Taking Advantage of Classified Ads Sites

There are actually dozens of ways for a business to advertise online. Classified ads site stand out and have many unique advantages that make them a powerful advertising medium, especially for small businesses. Many Boston Internet Marketingexperts will recommend that you use them due to their very low cost and high potential for profitability. Here ...
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