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How to Choose the Best PC to use Remote Desktop Tools With

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In the past few years, has gotten more advanced and more functional. While this is great for users of this software, it also means that computers that are running it also need to support it. If you want to take full advantage of all the potential that can offer you, here are some tips that will help you optimize both the client and the server PC’s for running remote desktop applications.

1. Ensure the server PC has adequate RAM and CPU power

PC will require that you have a significant amount of RAM and CPU power available. It is recommended that you ensure that your system exceeds the minimum system requirements for the PC that you are using. This is especially important if you intend to use resource intensive applications such as graphics programs or video editing tools remotely.

2. The server PC should have adequate bandwidth

The faster your internet connection is, the better the performance of the remote desktop software will be. You can be using the best remote desktop program in the world, but if you have a slow internet connection that goes down every few minutes, then your experience will obviously be less than optimal. For this reason, get the fastest and most reliable internet connection that you can afford for the server PC, even if it costs you $10 or so more each month.

3. Check to make sure that the server PC is not “bloated” with useless software

If you want your Remote Control Software programs to work well, then you should make sure that the computer that you will be remotely accessing does not have a ton of software running at the same time as that can waste RAM, CPU power as well as bandwidth. Many programs such as file sharing software, video conferencing or instant messenger clients, or calendar applications are set to start whenever the PC boots. Disable these programs unless you have an actual need for them.

4. Don’t neglect the client PC

Even though running remote access software as a client (the PC that is used to connect to the remote server) will use less resources than the server, the same tips apply to them as well. But the most important one is bandwidth. When you are using remote desktop software, you are doing more than just transferring files. You will be constantly streaming the desktop of the remote system and interacting with it, just like playing a multi player video game. Therefore, to get optimal performance, the client PC should have a fast internet connection as well so that you don’t experience choppy looking graphics when using remote desktop tools.

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