A Future Leading to Sustainable Plastics

Keeping our environment healthy is a job that all of us most contribute too. Small efforts like recycling plastic bags from the grocery store can be a good way to get started, but there are many ways in which we can help our planet. Pick a few things and start helping out the earth today.

Sustainable Plastics will become more important as our society progresses forward. Plastic materials don’t  decompose in the earth. Once plastic is created, it becomes a permanent physical piece of our world. However, this doesn’t mean that plastics are a bad thing. They are durable and sturdy, and have a lot of practical uses in addition to being a main building component for many items we use everyday. However, it is extremely important that when they are not being used, plastics should be recycled and put toward a new purpose. This is what sustainable plastics are all about. You want the products you use to have as little negative impact upon our environment as possible, both when they’re being made and after they’re used. When plastic products are recycled, this becomes a reality.

If you do not yet recycle, you really need to start. We want our children to inherit a wonderful place to live, not be forced to clean up the problems that our generation created. Recycling is just one way in which we can help preserve the quality of our ecosystem. Other methods include reusing products in unique ways. Rather than just using something once and then throwing it out, we can really cut down on the amount of pollution we create if we are able to reuse items around the house. For example, that milk carton that you are planning on throwing out can be used as a seasonal bird feeder. This not only cuts down on waste, it creates a place where beautiful birds can gather around for you to watch them feed.

One hot topic today is our carbon footprint. This is the amount of waste that we pump out into the atmosphere in the form of potentially toxic carbon byproducts. Anything that requires fuel increases the size of our carbon footprint. Even things around our homes can have a devastating effect upon the environment, but there are easy things we can do that can correct this problem. For example, installing windows that capture more natural lighting within the house reduces our need to turn lights on during the day. Electricity might seem innocent enough, but it is expensive to produce and it creates waste. Natural lighting is a simple way to reduce both of these factors.

Finally, we want to use renewable energy sources as much as possible. Things like solar panels in our homes can help here. Harnessing the sun’s energy is a great way to help reduce our dependence on outside sources of energy. This can even lower your electricity bills. Wind power is also a great way to minimize the impact upon the environment. Many people think that wind turbines are unsightly and should be avoided and don’t provide enough power, but in reality, wind power is a great alternative to fuel-based energy.

Change needs to start with you. Start recycling plastic bags and plastic packaging, and you will be well on your way to reducing your carbon footprint. If enough people take charge here, we can save our earth.


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