Top 5 Charts Of The Week – Tuesday, Nov. 27

This week we look at the following charts and themes:

  • Global PMI vs Bond Yields – the composite manufacturing PMI is pointing to a possible move lower in bond yields.
  • Developed Market PMIs – gone from synchronized strength in 2017 to asynchronous apathy in 2018.
  • Global trade growth (EM vs DM) – EM growth is accelerating whereas DM growth is softening. #divergence
  • Global equities death cross – the main global equity benchmark (ACWI) has put in a death cross (bear market warning sign), and now 80% of countries have seen this signal triggered.
  • US Margin Debt warning sign – this risk management indicator is starting to light up, so caution is advised.
  • Video Length: 00:12:53


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