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10 Things You Didn’t Know You Agreed to via Terms of Service

This item was filled under [ Marketing ]

The terms of service, also known as the document you're supposed to read before signing up for a site or platform, is a treasure trove of legal guidelines, rules and permissions that few people really care about.

But there are a few things you're agreeing to, hidden within the jargon, that might change the way you use the web. Some permissions, like keeping personal information, protecting copyrights and preventing impersonation, are well-known and relatively innocuous. That said, there's a chance you're violating a term of service without even realizing it.

Here are 10 things you didn't realize you agreed to in the social network terms of service you didn't read, but we did.

Facebook1. Facebook has permission to use your photos and videos for whatever it wants.

Have you ever wanted to see that awesome sunset picture you took or a funny video of your cats in a Facebook ad? No? Well, too bad, because when you sign up for Facebook, you give it an expansive royalty-free license to use anything you post that could be considered intellectual property.

You ...

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13 Thrifty Ways to Update Your Bathroom

This item was filled under [ Real Estate ]

Nobody likes a house with an outdated bathroom. Of course, you can use a blue toilet and bathe in a pink tub, illuminated by eight naked light bulbs shining on a stained 1970s laminate countertop. But do you really want to?

Building the spa bathroom of your dreams may cost more than you want to spend. But you don't have to empty your wallet to improve your bathroom. A little bling and a few luxurious touches can give you a big impact for a small amount of money, and that's a good place to start. "One little thing creates that luxury instead of worrying about everything else," says Laura Redd, an interior designer in Greensboro, North Carolina. "I think sparkle is a big thing."

The easiest way to cut costs on a bathroom renovation is to keep the old bathroom footprint. Keep the toilet, sink and tub or shower in the same locations, just replacing the old with the new. That saves the thousands it costs to add to the footprint of the house or relocate plumbing and electrical wiring. You should also avoid adding a $100,000 bathroom to a $200,000 house, ...

The 9 Sacrifices You Must Make To Find An Affordable Home

This item was filled under [ Real Estate ]

Despite the bad rap homeownership – and particularly home affordability – has gotten in the last few years, it’s still part of the ‘American Dream.’ But now, in 2014, there’s caveat to that dream: can buyers find a home to purchase within their budget?

Millennials and first time buyers are particularly daunted by home affordability. In Trulia’s latest survey, 15% of potential homebuyers age 28-34 said they wouldn’t even sacrifice their Netfix subscriptions to save money toward home ownership – a notion that makes saving seem like an even tougher uphill battle. With mortgage requirements deservedly more stringent and down payment requirements higher than ever, for most, finding that affordable dream home is going to take some compromising.

Here are nine savings sacrifices that won’t foul-up your finances – and may help you land a house.


This is overall the biggest sacrifice you can make because home prices in your area dictate exactly what you’ll be getting for your dollar. But how much of a price sacrifice do you ...

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Hidden Biases and How to Combat Them

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In the world of recruiting, hiring managers are constantly careful in ensuring that candidates are hired without any form of discrimination. These efforts may well be necessary - a number of psychological studies reveal that we can unconsciously learn different biases, which could have an effect on who employers choose to hire. Different psychologists have composed a number of examinations that allow you to “test” yourself and see what sort of biases you may harbor. Harvard’s Implicit Associations Test, the most well-known IAT, helps expose automatic associations our brains make between different objects - for example, we may more quickly associate “male” with “career” than with “housework” (those interested in finding out more about implicit associations can take the Harvard Implicit Associations Test here.) While the word “implicit” may imply that nothing can be done about these so-called “hidden biases”, there are several ways to ensure that diversity in the workplace remains prominent.

Set up an online pre-employment testing account as a job candidate. Online employment tests give applicants an opportunity ...

Here Are the Other Companies Comcast Is Gobbling Up

This item was filled under [ Technology ]

Recent tech acquisitions put the cable giant in a position to dominate the digital video market and expand its broadband reach

While federal regulators, Congress, and most of K Street have been focused on Comcast’s massive, $45-billion proposed merger with Time Warner Cable, Comcast has been busy snapping up smaller fare.

In the last four months, Comcast has acquired two new tech companies, PowerCloud Systems and FreeWheel Media, both of which will help the cable giant touch nearly every aspect of how we use broadband Internet in our homes and offices, and especially how we watch video online.

But while Comcast has celebrated its newest acquisitions, its competitors, as well as a handful of consumer interest groups, are bracing themselves for the worst. Comcast, which owns NBC-Universal and is already the biggest pay-TV and broadband provider in the country, will likely use these new technologies to increase its dominance in both the broadband and online video markets.

PowerCloud, which Comcast acquired on Monday, has designed new technology to help people to monitor and control how broadband Internet is consumed in their homes and offices. ...

7 Things About Landing Pages Your Boss Wants To Know

This item was filled under [ Marketing ]

I was working with a startup company a few years ago, when they wanted to test advertising with Google Adwords. They hadn’t actually done any advertising beforehand, as all the traffic was coming in through word-of-mouth, but they felt that they needed a boost in sales and the number of users.

We discussed matters with an advertising company who did all the relevant research into the company’s selling points and unique features, studied our target audience, came up with a list of keywords – you know, doing all the preparation necessary for a good advertising campaign.

Then they asked us if we want them to create the specific landing pages, or if we were going to do. Now, I know why you need message-relevant and channel specific landing pages, and that good landing pages increase conversions (and awesome landing pages REALLY increase conversion rates), but unfortunately, my boss didn’t. He was adamant that the one landing page that we did have would do the job quite nicely, and that there was no reason what so ever to create more.

I won’t bore you with the outcome of our advertising ...

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A Beginner’s Guide to Navigating Office Politics

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Executives often complain to me about the new generation of employees — they aren't as committed, sophisticated or knowledgeable as more experienced employees would like them to be. They get bored or disillusioned quickly. Turnover is a problem, and so on. Just as often, I respond that youth may not be the main problem new hires have.

People face many pressures at the start of their career. In addition to understanding their new position, they are trying to figure out the who, what, where, why and how of daily work life. So a lot of new employees are grateful when someone offers to show them the ropes. Some organizations even assign mentors to get new hires up to speed.

Although well-intentioned, that's where the trouble can start. Here are a few simple precautions for those just launching their careers:

SEE ALSO: What the Incompetent Executive Can Teach You

Remain a free agent as long as you need to

When you walk into an organization, the formal hierarchy may seem clear, but it takes time to learn how things really work. Who get things done? Who are the power players? They may not be the same ...

3 Tough Job Interview Situations and How to Handle Them

This item was filled under [ Business ]

Once the interview is over and you’ve landed the job, it’s smooth sailing from here on out, right?

Not exactly.

If your job includes communicating with clients and closing deals, you’ll have to go through the job interview process over and over again. Luckily, you can translate the skills that got you in the door to help your sales shoot through the roof. (Click here to tweet this thought.) Here are a few interview situations and how you should handle them:

The interviewer asks about a particular skill, and you don’t have it

When an interviewer asks you about a skill you don’t have, you have three choices: you can misrepresent yourself and hope you don’t get caught, say you don’t have the skill and wish them luck on their candidate search, or you can emphasize a related skill you have while expressing your eagerness to learn and quick mastery of new material.

The first choice is not only pretty unethical, but also a great way ...

5 Trends That Are Shaping Mobile Commerce

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With the steady increase in mobile tech developments in recent years, many small businesses have made mobile commerce, or m-commerce, a priority. Whether it's using a tablet in a brick-and-mortar store or enabling sales through a mobile website, businesses across a wide range of industries are seeking solutions to help them adapt to a mobile-obsessed world.

"With the ever-growing adoption of PayPal, Square and other big players, we are beginning to see mobile commerce alternatives find their way into the hands of small businesses," said Drew Lewis, who runs product marketing and management at mobile point-of-sale solution Leaf.

Marketing experts and business leaders shared their thoughts on the trends currently shaping the m-commerce landscape. [What Consumers Really Want from Mobile Commerce]

Optimized omnichannel experiences

Whether they're opening promotional emails on their smartphones, contacting companies via social media apps or visiting mobile websites, customers expect seamless and easy interactions with brands via mobile devices. A company's ability to optimize the customer experience across all channels will drive its m-commerce success, said James Van Arsdale III, director of user experience for commerce solutions provider WebLinc.

"Having a mobile website to allow customers to shop from their phones isn't solving the ...

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3 Ways to Enjoy Traveling Without Breaking the Bank

This item was filled under [ Finance ]

Who wouldn't want the chance to travel more? Unfortunately, many of us feel limited by our finances. Let's face it: vacations aren't cheap, and other goals should come first. These three ways could let you travel without breaking the bank.

1. Don't Pay with Money: Instead Use Points and Miles

Serious savings are available with the miles and points you can earn by signing up for and using certain credit cards. This is not for you if you're in debt, don't normally use credit cards, have a bad credit score or aren't experienced in managing credit. However, if you are a good money manager, understand how credit works and are not tempted to spend more than you have in cash (or more than you need to, period), leveraging credit cards may be a great way to score a travel deal.

Many companies offer huge signup bonuses when you apply for a new credit card. By putting your regular spending on cards, you can easily rack up points to pay for a free flight or hotel stay or get a discount.

Many airlines and hotels also offer perks for people ...

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