Debate On The U.S. Dollar: Will It Soar Or Sink From Here?

Image source: Pixabay
In this video, we witness to a “meeting of the minds” between two top monetary experts, who each will argue their predicted path for the U.S. dollar from here.We’re very fortunate to be joined by Brent Johnson, CEO of Santiago Capital and developer of The Dollar Milkshake Theory, which will serve as the foundation upon which today’s discussion will be built.Serving as a counterpoint perspective will be Matthew Piepenburg, Commercial Director at Matterhorn Asset Management AG – GoldSwitzerland.This is not a debate so much as a “co-exploration”, as there are many points our speakers agree on. But there are definitely a few where they see things differently. And over the next hour, we’ll drill down together on those points of differentiation, to see if we can’t make the path ahead for the US dollar clearer to discern.Video Length: 01:23:40More By This Author:2024 “Going To Be A Lot Worse” For Markets As Tech Stocks Implode
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