Affirm Holdings Sees 100% Surge After Bullish Pattern Completion

person using MacBook Pro on tableImage Source: UnsplashWell, once again, here on ostensibly perma-bearish Slope, I had evidence of offering up a long idea that, in a matter of weeksdoubled in price. I’m referring to Affirm Holdings (AFRM) which, last month, I wrote this post pointing out the completion of its bullish pattern. I’ll follow this up by saying I think this 100% pop has pretty much all the potential I think this pattern has.PLEASE NOTE: I composed this post before today’s “micro crash“, and considering how AFRM got nuked, yeah, I was spot-on both up and down on this one.More By This Author:Get Ready For Retail An Interesting DivergenceThe Case For A Bullish 2024


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