Dogecoin Jumped Over 0.09200 And Shiba Inu Above 0.00000900

Dogecoin chart analysisThis morning, we saw the Dogecoin price jump to the 0.09260 level. After forming a six-month high at that level, the price began to retreat until it reached the 0.08800 level. We are now hovering around that level and hope to hold above and trigger another bullish consolidation. We would have to go back to the 0.09000 level and break above if we plan to start a further recovery.Potential higher targets are 0.09200 and 0.09400 levels. We need a negative consolidation and a drop below the support at the 0.08800 level for a bearish option. This would form a lower low, and we would have confirmation of the bearish option. Potential lower targets are 0.08700 and 0.08600 levels. The EMA50 moving average awaits us in the zone around the 0.08500 level.  Shiba Inu chart analysisThe Shiba Inu price rose to 0.00000964 yesterday, forming a December high. We encounter resistance in that zone and begin a pullback to the 0.00000870 level. From now on, we see movement in the 0.00000880-0.00000930 range. The current price is around the 0.00000900 level, and now we expect to find support here and move towards the upper resistance level again. Potential higher targets are the 0.00000940 and 0.00000950 levels.We need a negative consolidation and a drop to the previous low at 0.00000870 for a bearish option. A break below would confirm the bearish presence, and we would see a continuation of the pullback. Potential lower targets are 0.00000860 and 0.00000850 levels. The price could get additional support in the EMA50 moving average at the 0.00000860 level.  More By This Author:Bitcoin Crosses $42000 And Ethereum Is Close To $2280 Bitcoin Is Approaching $42,000, And Ethereum Is Near $2,300 Catching The Bull By The Horns: Bitcoin’s Remarkable Rally Beyond $40k


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