GBP/USD: Weekly Forecast For Dec. 3-9

Free stock photo of account, accountancy, accountingImage Source: PexelsThe GBP/USD currency pair was trading near the 1.26150 mark on Friday, which may have set off alarm bells among cautious speculators, as Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s highs above the 1.27000 level seemed as if they would vanish into the sunset.Having started last week near the 1.25900 ratio, the gains made early in the week continued the bullish momentum that dominated November’s trading. The sudden move lower on Thursday and early Friday may have cost traders some money if they remained long in the GBP/USD pair while betting on additional ambitious climbs in value.However, the week did not end too badly for many bullish speculators. The Forex pair suddenly found the ability to climb higher on Friday, as it went from its lows and closed near the 1.27010 mark, somehow sustaining value above what may prove to be an important psychological level going forward for technical traders.Risk appetite flourished late on Friday as the Fed Chairman sounded rather neutral about monetary policy at a seminar in Atlanta. The move higher by the GBP/USD currency pair approached value levels not seen since Sept. 1.

A Look At the Six-Month Technical Chart and Outlook for the GBP/USD Pair
In ten days, the US Federal Reserve will release their FOMC Statement. Then on the next day, the Bank of England will issue their Official Bank Rate and Monetary Policy Summary. Neither central bank is expected to surprise financial institutions.The gains in the GBP/USD currency pair have developed in the past month as many financial institutions have acted on their belief that the British pound had been oversold. Interest rates via government bonds appear calm for the moment.Looking backward, the GBP/USD pair was trading at its recent levels late in August and early September, but the values seen in the summer occurred as the currency pair was suffering through a bearish trend. The GBP/USD currency pair was trading near the 1.31450 vicinity in the middle of July 2023.Speculators who were looking at six-month technical charts late last week and dreaming of higher values may have been hurt by the strong reversal lower, which occurred on Thursday and into Friday. Behavioral sentiment remains vital in the GBP/USD duo. Looking forward, global risk appetite will likely affect the direction of the currency pair.

Data Overshadowed by Broad Market Results as Momentum Dominates

  • US equity indices have been hovering near highs and US Treasury yields have continue to trend lower, thus displaying that risk appetite is likely still building.
  • The US dollar has been weaker against many major currencies, including the British pound.
  • US jobs numbers will be published this Friday. This will likely impact Forex trading and the GBP/USD currency pair.
  • However, it is the upcoming Fed and BoE statements that many financial institutions are going to gear their outlooks around.
  • GBP/USD Weekly Outlook: The Speculative Price Range for GBP/USD is 1.26390 to 1.28010
    The 1.27000 level may prove to be an important one early this week. Traders should understand that reversals lower are a natural part of Forex trading, and betting on a blind upside would likely be a mistake.While the bullish sentiment within the GBP/USD pair may be attractive, speculators should use their risk-taking tactics carefully. If the 1.27000 mark proves durable in the near-term, it could set the table for the potential of further exploration upward. The GBP/USD currency pair traded near the 1.27340 ratio this past Wednesday. Lower moves to 1.26900 and 1.26800 should be watched to see if these support levels prove to be durable.If the GBP/USD currency pair begins to challenge last week’s highs and manages to sustain value around the 1.27300 level, such a move would be a bullish signal. However, before the US jobs numbers on Friday, the currency pair will get plenty of impetus from existing behavioral sentiment, and volatility could develop.Traders should watch the yields on US Treasuries. If declines continue to occur in US bonds via yields, this would be a sign that financial institutions may continue to position for greater risk appetite in US equities. Traders should not get too confident, and they should be willing to cash out winnings. Speculators who want to bet on downside movement via reversals when technical highs have been hit should certainly use quick-hitting take-profit orders.  More By This Author:Weekly Forex Forecast – Sunday, Dec. 3Crude Oil: Weekly Forecast December 3-9Trading Support and Resistance – USD/CAD


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