Inflation, Growth, & Credit: What To Expect From These Three Economic Drivers

Image Source: PixabayInflation. Growth. and Credit are three key forces that will impact America’s economic outlook in 2024. The only question is…how? Will cooling inflation allow the Federal Reserve to not only stop raising interest rates but potentially cut them? Will growth slow, but not grind to a halt, encouraging stock investors to take on more risk? Will the credit markets continue to tighten, without seizing up? Get the answers YOU need to those questions and more in this hard-hitting panel featuring top economists and investment strategists. Then put the guidance you receive to work in your portfolio in 2024.Video Length: 00:26:43More By This Author:FCX: A Great Way To Invest In Gold (And Copper, Too!) EMXC: A Way to Get Global Market Exposure Without China-Related DragQQQ: With Primary Trend Higher, Your Best Bet Is To Stay Long Stocks


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