Stocks And Precious Metals Charts – From Wall Street To The White House

From Wall Street to the White House, it’s all about serving the oligarchy, the 1 percent, while maintaing plausible deniability. The market came in broadly expecting a whipsaw, with the FOMC standing pat with dovish verbiage, and then Jay Powell coming in and raining on the parade with skeptical cautions.No way Zimbabwe Jay.  However, it must be said that the Street took it much further than he allowed. It reminded me of a college friend who kept seeing ‘signs’ from a girl for which he pined but would not actually approach.I think it would have been interesting to see the FOMC commentary on bubblevision performed by the voice-over actor from The Curse of Oak Island.Stocks rallied very hard, parabolically surpassing their bubble peaks.The Dollar dropped off a cliff.Gold and silver rallied like rockets.And there is the second phase of the wash and rinse.VIX did not drop but marked time in place.Stock option expiration on Friday.Have a pleasant evening. More By This Author:Stocks And Precious Metals Charts – The FOMC Tomorrow
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