Stocks And Precious Metals Charts – The Big Dogs

The equity rally fizzled in the big dogs, aka The Magnificent Seven of tech, grandchildren of the Nifty Fifty, but did spread to the lesser knowns of the Russell 2000.Gold and silver rallied again, as the Dollar weakened further.Gold did give up quite a bit of its gain, but silver stood firm impressively.VIX bounced a little but remains subdued.Stock Index option expiration in a triple witch tomorrow.At some point the most recent gold pool is going to collapse, and the metal may see $100+ rally days.But until then we can only watch the elites attempting to breath some life back into an obvious equity bubble.Is this for the year end, a traditional hand off to the bigger fools, or something presaging a miraculous ‘soft landing’ in which inflation subsides while the economy grows with vigor.Will otherwise good, educated people throw away their morals, and join the forces of pillage and murder?Be as mindful of your own soul as your coin purse and stock portfolio, for that is what this is all about.Have a pleasant evening.  More By This Author:Stocks And Precious Metals Charts – From Wall Street To The White House
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