Stocks And Precious Metals Charts – The Dollar Fell

The risk markets were in rally mode today, with the major stock indices finishing higher.The Dollar fell, and gold bounced back a little.Silver continued to decline.VIX is waffling around.Non-Farm Payrolls may move the markets tomorrow.”We are going to lead once again by being the best. We’re gonna lead economically. We’re gonna lead technologically. We’re gonna go back to the Moon, we’re gonna do whatever we’re gonna do. We are going to lead by engaging in American exceptionalism and this is going to inspire others to come along with us. We’re not shrinking away from anybody. We are reengaging. That’s what Trump is.”

Rush LimbaughExceptional, but not in the way that they thought.   Have a pleasant evening. More By This Author:Stocks And Precious Metals Charts – Pushing And Shoving
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Stocks And Precious Metals Charts – Non-Farm Payrolls


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