That’s One Heck Of A Drug

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 US stocks surged with the promise of interest rate cuts. Then stocks tanked when some Fed officials tried to walk that promise back. Then they surged again when some weak economic data put rate cuts back on the table. Easy money is one heck of a drug! In this episode, I explain the impact of easy money on the economy and the markets, and I speculate about the future.Topics Discussed

  • If I could print money
  • The world is buried in debt
  • The impact of high interest rates
  • The Fed walks the dove back
  • Stocks rally
  • Stocks tank with an outside reversal
  • Stocks rally again
  • Bank bailout program borrowing surges again
  • Video Length: 00:38:55More By This Author:Tanzania Central Bank Announces Plan To Buy More Gold The World Is Sitting On A Powder Keg Of Debt What A Difference Two Weeks Makes


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