The Frozen, Unaffordable Housing Market Is “Unhealthy”. So Where Are Prices Headed?

five 3-storey houses in-lined on streetImage Source: Unsplash
While 2023 was a much better year for stocks and bonds, the housing market has fared less well.Instead, 2023 was the year gravity caught up with home prices. They’ve stopped rising nationally for the most part, and certain once red-hot cities are now starting to see clear declines.Is this the Wile E. Coyote moment before prices start plummeting under today’s high mortgage rates?Or will the housing market prove resilient as we enter 2024?To find out, we’ll talk with real estate analyst Lance Lambert, former real estate editor for Fortune and now co-founder & editor of ResiClub.Video Length: 01:12:06More By This Author:Stocks Are Richly-Priced & The Economy Is Late-Stage, So ‘Selectivity’ Is KeyThe World Order Is Fraying. Will The Global Economy Survive? ‘Buy Everything!’ Says Wall Street As Fed Signals 3 Rate Cuts Are Coming


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