2023 Russell 1,000 Average Stock Performance By Sector

2023 turned out to be a fantastic year for stocks after a horrible 2022. Below we show the average total return of all stocks in each sector of the Russell 1,000 in 2023. While most areas of the market moved higher during the year, the one area of equity markets that actually provided a negative return was Utilities. That sector’s stocks lost an average of 4.1% compared to a 20.5% average gain for the whole of the Russell 1,000.As a reminder, Utilities has the highest dividend yield of any sector, but even after factoring in those relatively high dividend yields, the average stock in the sector posted a negative total return in 2023. Consumer Staples just barely netted out an average gain, while Health Care, Energy, Real Estate, and Materials all also underperformed the broader index. That leaves Communication Services, Financials, Consumer Discretionary, Industrials, and Technology each with the average stock gaining more than 20% on the year. Given the emergence of AI in 2023, Tech was the top performer. In fact, the average Tech stock was up 43.8%, which was more than twice that of the average Russell 1,000 stock.More By This Author:Introducing 2024
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