All Largest Cyber Security Software Stocks Down 4%, On Average, Last Week

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The 10 constituents in the munKNEE Cybersecurity Software Stocks Index were UP 105.9% in 2023, on average, and that is expected to continue in 2024 given the anticipated 14% increase in spending on cyber security in 2024.The above being said, however, every constituent in the Index declined, many considerably, last week, and below is how each performed along with their performances in 2023 plus their current market capitalizations, price-to-1-year earnings growth (PEG) ratios with its variance from the sector median, and the latest news, commentary and/or analysis on each company.

  • Fortinet (FTNT): DOWN 0.3% last week; UP 22.8% in last 52 weeks

    • provides a wide range of cybersecurity and networking solutions
    • Market Capitalization: $45.6B
    • PEG Ratio: 2.27 (13.3% above the sector mean)
    • Latest News, Commentary and/or Analysis:
      • Fortinet is favored by institutional owners who hold 70% of the company
  • Check Point Software (CHKP): DOWN 1.1% last week; UP 23.9% in last 52 weeks

    • offers a multilevel security architecture of cloud, network, mobile devices, endpoints information, and IOT solutions.
    • Market Capitalization: $18.0B
    • PEG Ratio: 3.81 (90.1% above the sector mean)
    • Latest News, Commentary and/or Analysis:
      • Check Point Software Technologies Stands Out as A Leader and Innovator in Cloud Native Security
  • CrowdStrike Holdings (CRWD): DOWN 3.1% last week; UP 190.0% in last 52 weeks

    • is focused on cloud-native solutions and AI-driven threat detection and a leader in endpoint security.
    • Market Capitalization: $65.7B
    • PEG Ratio: 2.11 (5.3% above the sector mean)
    • Latest News, Commentary and/or Analysis:
      • Here’s Why CrowdStrike Holdings is a Strong Growth Stock
  • CyberArk Software (CYBR): DOWN 3.3% last week; UP 82.4% in last 52 weeks

    • enables secure access for any identity to any resource – protecting identities and critical assets by enabling Zero Trust and enforcing least privilege.
    • Market Capitalization: $9.0B
    • PEG Ratio: 12.77 (537.1% above the sector mean)
    • Latest News, Commentary and/or Analysis:
      • 3 Cybersecurity Stocks That Could Make You Much Richer
  • Palo Alto Networks (PANW): DOWN 4.1% last week; UP 132.0% in last 52 weeks

    • provides subscription services covering the areas of threat prevention, malware and persistent threat, URL filtering, laptop and mobile device protection as well as DNS, Internet of Things, SaaS, API, and SaaS security inline, and threat intelligence, and data loss prevention.
    • Market Capitalization: $94.7B
    • PEG Ratio: 2.49 (24.1% above the sector mean)
    • Latest News, Commentary and/or Analysis:
      • Palo Alto Networks Vs Other Cybersecurity Stocks
  • Zscaler (ZS): DOWN 5.3% last week; UP 117.7% in last 52 weeks

    • is a cloud security company that prevents cyberthreats and data loss while providing users with fast, reliable zero trust connectivity to apps from anywhere.
    • Market Capitalization: $33.6B
    • PEG Ratio:1.97 (0.81% below the sector mean)
    • Latest News, Commentary and/or Analysis:
      • Spotting Winners: Zscaler And Cybersecurity Stocks In Q3
  • Varonis Systems (VRNS); DOWN 6.1% last week; UP 89.5% in last 52 weeks

    • provides security products that manage network events in real time to detect any breaches or threats and expanded its support for Microsoft’s Office 365 platform in November 2023 by adding new features to protect against malicious emails.
    • Market Capitalization: $4.9B
    • PEG Ratio: 11.70 (483.8% above the sector mean)
    • Latest News, Commentary and/or Analysis:
      • A Cybersecurity Stock to Shield Your Portfolio in 2024
  • Tenable Holdings (TENB): DOWN 6.9% last week; UP 23.7% in last 52 weeks

    • provides organizations with a broad range of cyber security solution platforms.
    • Market Capitalization: $5.3B
    • PEG Ratio: 3.44 (71.9% above the sector mean)
    • Latest News, Commentary and/or Analysis:
      • Why Tenable Holdings Stock Crushed the Market on Tuesday
  • Qualys (QLYS): DOWN 8.1% last week; UP 78.7% in last 52 weeks

    • offers a complete set of cybersecurity products for small businesses that use’s Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform.
    • Market Capitalization: $6.8B
    • PEG Ratio: 2.68 (33.8% above the sector mean)
    • Latest News, Commentary and/or Analysis:
      • Calculating The Fair Value Of Qualys
  • SentinelOne (S): DOWN 13.7% last week; UP 78.9% in last 52 weeks

    • is a global leader in AI security using its Singularity™ Platform to detect, prevent, and respond to cyber attacks enabling organizations to secure endpoints, cloud workloads, containers, identities, and mobile and network-connected devices with speed, accuracy and simplicity.
    • Market Capitalization: $7.2B
    • PEG Ratio: Not Applicable as company has no positive earnings
    • Latest News, Commentary and/or Analysis:
      • SentinelOne Enhances Portfolio With PingSafe Acquisition
  • Summary
    The 10 constituents in the new munKNEE Cybersecurity Software Stocks Index were DOWN 4.4%, on average, last week but are UP 105.9% in latest 52 weeks.

    Cybersecurity ETF
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