David Hunter Called It Last Time, What’s Next?

2024 is a new year and that means a new bunch of interviews are coming your way on GoldCore TV. First up we have Contrarian Macro Strategist David Hunter. Last time David was on the show he made some punchy calls, which were the absolute opposite to what the mainstream was suggesting was going to happen. In April 2022 to predict a Melt Up Boom where we would see the DOW to 45,000, the NASDAQ to 20,000, and the S&P to 6,000, seemed a little foolhardy. But, David was convinced. In my chat with David, he had a bit of a ‘I told you so’ moment and deservedly so. We then go onto explore the logic of those earlier predictions, the predictions that haven’t come good and what he foresees in the coming decade. This is a really interesting conversation with David, I do hope you’ll enjoy it. Have a listen as he explains why he expects more QE to come in the second half of the 2020s, why this will lead to 25%+ inflation and why this could mean major disaster for the financial system. Video Length: 00:32:02More By This Author:A 13% Climb For ‘struggling’ Gold, What Now In 2024?
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