Elliott Wave Technical Analysis: Costco Wholesale Corp. – Wednesday, Jan. 10

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 Costco Wholesale Corp., Elliott Wave Technical AnalysisCostco Wholesale Corp., (Nasdaq: COST): 4h Chart 10 January 2024COST Stock Market Analysis: We have been monitoring the upside into wave 3 ever since the pullback in Minor wave 2. Looking for additional upside into wave {v} of 3 as we have an incomplete five wave sequence. 1.618 of 3 vs. 1 stands at 724$.  COST Elliott Wave Count: Wave {v} of 3.  COST Technical Indicators: 20EMA as support.  COST Trading Strategy: Looking for a break of wave (b) to then looking for longs.  Analyst: Alessio BarrettaCostco Wholesale Corp.,, COST: 1-hour Chart 10 January 2024Costco Wholesale Corp., Elliott Wave Technical Analysis COST Stock Market Analysis: We seem to be having a wave (i) and (ii) in place as we found support of 650$. This up move could also be scaled down one degree, and could become i and ii.  COST Elliott Wave count:  Wave (ii) of {v}.COST Technical Indicators: Above all averages.COST Trading Strategy: Looking for a break of wave (b) to then looking for longs.More By This Author:4 Hour Chart Elliott Wave Technical Analysis: EURUSD – Wednesday, January 10
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