META Looking To End Impulsive Rally Wave

Image Source: PixabayShort-term Elliott Wave View in Meta (META) shows an ending diagonal rally from 10.23.2023 low. Up from 10.23.2023 low, wave (1) ended at 342.92 and pullback in wave (2) ended at 313.66. The stock rallies again in wave (3) towards 361.90 and dips in wave (4) ended at 340.01. Internal subdivision of wave (4) unfolded as a double three Elliott Wave structure as the 45 minutes chart below shows.Down from wave (3), wave ((a)) ended at 357.81 and wave ((b)) ended at 360. Wave ((c)) lower ended at 351.82 which completed wave W. Rally in wave X ended at 355.32. Down from there, wave ((a)) ended at 349.75 and wave ((b)) ended at 354. Wave ((c)) lower ended at 340.05 which completed wave Y of (4). The stock has turned higher in wave (5). Up from wave (4), wave ((i)) ended at 348.15 and wave ((ii)) ended at 344.16. Wave ((iii)) higher ended at 360.64. Expect pullback in wave ((iv)) followed by another leg higher in wave ((v)) to complete wave 1. Afterwards, stock should pullback in wave 2 to correct cycle from 1.2.2024 low in 3, 7, or 11 swing before it resumes higher.META 45 Minutes Elliott Wave ChartMETA Elliott Wave VideoVideo Length: 00:08:12More By This Author:Dow Futures Doing Elliott Wave Corrective PullbackEURJPY : 1:2.5 Risk/Reward Target HitAT&T One More Low Is Expected to Complete a Bearish Sequence


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