One-Week U-Turn

Good morning, everybody.FreepikIt looks like we’re heading for a second red day (hopefully) as every single asset class has done a perfect U-turn over the past week. The end-of-year exuberance has perhaps morphed into a dawning realization that things maybe aren’t so peachy..Stocks are down. Bonds are done. Even precious metals. All these over-inflated prices are joined at the hip.Tech stocks, which exploded trillions of dollars last year, are particularly feeling the heat.And I’ve got to say, my confidence my my bearishness just went through the roof when one of you shared the latest come-on from the always-hyping-at-the-last-moment douche-nozzle James Altucher. He killed the crypto bubble, he killed the marijuana bubble, and I’m sure he’s going to kill the AI bubble as well. At least before it goes on to the exactly $15.7 trillion boom he’s predicting since he’s, ya know, a Genius Investor.As for my trio of sinewave-based charts…………so far, so good!More By This Author:A Review Of ETFs And Market Movements On Day One Of Trading US Stock Market Winners And Losers Of 2023It Ain’t Normal


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