S&P 500 Forecast: Sees The 4800 Level As A Major Barrier  


  • The S&P 500 displayed an initial attempt at an overnight rally during Tuesday’s electronic trading, but this endeavor ultimately crumbled.
  • The absence of the Santa Claus rally, which usually propels the market higher, contributes to the current situation.
  • In light of these circumstances, a return to gravity seems plausible. The 4,700 level beneath may draw the attention of traders as a potential area to defend. It wouldn’t be surprising to witness the market breaking below this level, potentially targeting the 50-day Exponential Moving Average at approximately the 4,550 level. Such a move would constitute a significant pullback, which has been overdue.The notion of buying into value after a sell-off is appealing, but the market has yet to experience a sufficient sell-off to warrant involvement. Currently, the most optimistic scenario appears to involve the formation of a trading range, with the 4,800 level serving as the upper boundary and the 4,700 level as the lower boundary. Traders are likely to engage in this range as they seek to gain clarity. The upcoming inflation data and, more notably, the impending jobs report on Friday, have the potential to ignite market movements. A Correction Appears NecessaryIn the short term, the next few days may be marked by noise and fluctuations. Consequently, profit-taking and selling could play a significant role in this dynamic. Towards the end of the week, larger investors are expected to enter the market to establish positions for longer-term investments, adding an element of uncertainty to the unfolding situation.It is important to keep in mind that the S&P 500 is heavily influenced by a select few stocks, often referred to as the “S&P 7” due to their dominance in recent months. Nevertheless, the market’s prior rapid advancement has created a pressing need for correction.Ultimately, the S&P 500’s recent setback reflects the absence of the typical Santa Claus rally. Traders may look to the 4,700 level as a potential support area, although a deeper pullback towards the 50-day EMA is conceivable. The market’s dynamics will likely be influenced by upcoming economic data, including inflation figures and the impending jobs report. Short-term noise and potential selling pressure are expected, but larger investors’ actions towards the end of the week will provide valuable insights into the market’s direction. Overall, a correction appears necessary after the market’s recent surge.More By This Author:USD/JPY Signal: Tries to Recover At This PointSilver Forecast: Bounces Around In A Range ETH Forecast: Builds Upward Pressure


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