Stocks And Precious Metals Charts – A Deadly Combination

brass metal frameImage Source: UnsplashStocks were enjoying a rich fantasy life today, rallying higher without a care.The Fed will soon be cutting rates, a lot. But there will not be a recession.  The Fed will engineer a soft landing, thread the needle, and make everything better, don’t you know?Gold and silver fell back some, as did the Dollar.VIX fell.Everything is coming up roses. If we say it is.   And if you say otherwise, we’ll just ignore you, or shut you up.We seem to be stiff-necked and reality-optional, deluded by our power, which is a deadly combination.And so we mount aloft, without a second thought or care, higher and higher—defiant.For who is like unto the beast.  Who is able to war with him.The madness serves none but itself.There will be a slug of inflation information out later this week.Have a pleasant evening. More By This Author:Stocks And Precious Metals Charts – Their Dream, Our Nightmare
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Stocks And Precious Metals Charts – Illusions Fade


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