Hey Investors: Stocks Fall When The Fed Starts Cutting Rates, Says History

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When today’s guest appeared for the first time on this channel a few months ago, a star was born.Those who hadn’t yet heard of Danielle Park were impressed by both her command of the macro data and her unflinching courage to call things as she sees them.She highlighted a number of concerns about the trajectory of the economy and markets back then — and today we check back in with her to see whether things have improved…or gotten worse?Well, Danielle thinks they’re “worse”.Stress cracks in the economy are now much more clearly visible.And the markets? While they’re currently being driven to new highs by “madness” (see: Gamestop), investors hoping for rate cuts may indeed get them. But history shows that stocks fall, often hard, during rate cut regimes.So investors better be careful what they wish for. And they’d better be prepared. Too many are too long and too confident right now.Video Length: 01:26:31More By This Author:Big Money Buying Up Our Homes Is “Never Going To Stop”Exhausted Consumers Are “Spent Up & Lent Up”, So Economy Will SlowAre Trillions Of New Loans About To Be Pumped Into The Housing Market?


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