The Fed Walks Back Its Interest Rate Cut Guidance (Yet Again)

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In its latest guidance released this week, the Federal Reserve is holding interest rates steady for now. The Federal Funds rate will remain unchanged at 5.25%.But the Fed did lower its rate cut forecast for 2024 to just 1. And it raised its 2025 rate cut expectations upwards from 3 to 4.It largely did this because its outlook on inflation is notably more optimistic than in previous months.Wall Street certainly liked what it heard, with the S&P jumping over 1% on the news and Treasury yields falling.But does this slightly more optimistic view actually change anything?Video Length: 01:02:20More By This Author:The Past 11 Times This Has Happened, We’ve Had A RecessionThese “Big” Energy Solutions Will Power Tomorrow’s EconomyThe Demise Of The Dollar Will Take Longer And More Surprising Turns Than Many Expect


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