Global round-up

As many attack so-called “tax havens”, Natalie Shaw speaks to Shawna Lake, whose firm SKIPA promote development in St Kitts & Nevis

Companies have been going wrong and being bailed out globally. Liam Vaughan suggests that France is offering less protection for creditors than, say, the UK or the US. Vaughan goes on to say that investors in ailing corporations have taken substantial write-downs in the restructuring process.

There are not many success stories to come out of the global financial crisis but Chile can feasibly hold its head high as being the only investment-grade country to be upgraded by Moody’s in recent times. The country’s success is through a selection of rigorous laws and disciplines to ensure financial stability.

As with Chile, Brazil has been recognised as one of the few countries who have come out of the financial crisis relatively well. BRIC has been benefitting from the positive performance of the country and the outstanding perception of the financial facet that is Sao Paolo.

It has long been assumed that Dubai is the precious stone in the crown of the Middle East, but Bahrain has been quietly sparkling with its strong financial regulations, economic and political stability, strategic location and strong legal framework for a while. These days, the country is gaining more recognition as investors flock to it and reap the benefits.

Raian Karanjawala started his own law firm, Karanjawala and Co in 1983 and has been gaining recognition ever since. These days he represents some of the most prestigious clients in some of India’s top cases. Karanjawala argues that his in-depth knowledge of the Indian law system has helped his company gain the praise they deserve.

KLC Law Firm speak about collective dismissal and employee benefits in Greece. The law firm tells World Finance of the protection Greece offers its workers in the case of dismissal. Employees are guarded from ‘opportunistic’ dismissals but, as KLC say, even fair dismissals have become a costly factor to employers.


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