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For more than 25 years, active traders have been finding their competitive edge in the world’s markets with the award-winning charting and market analysis in eSignal. Especially now, as exchanges around the globe point to economic recovery, subscribers to eSignal’s charting and market data can find profitable opportunities using time-tested technical analysis methodologies.

A comprehensive toolset for market success starts with information. eSignal provides reliable, fast, streaming, real-time stock, futures, forex and options prices from the world’s markets. Also available are market-changing, real-time news and commentary from respected global sources, such as Dow Jones, PR Newswire and Business Wire, Zack’s and MarketWatch.

Backed by one of the most sophisticated market data infrastructures in the world, with geographically diverse data centres and multiple co-location facilities run in tandem, eSignal’s real-time information is delivered no matter where users connect. All sites are staffed 7x24x365. In this way, traders are always guaranteed reliable network

Scanners, including one that looks for set-ups using the proprietary indicators in the Advanced GET edition of eSignal, search for opportunities that suit users’ individual parameters.

To see the markets from the pro’s point of view, eSignal makes available, not just volume, not just the buying and selling, but a close-up on the activity that really moves the market. Users can receive a breadth of market depth information from the NASDAQ, NYSE, CME, CBOT and on forex rates, as well as Canadian depth from the TSX, Euro-next and LSE Level II.

Weather maps, particularly useful in the commodities market, come in multiple packages, covering areas all over the globe, including US Agriculture, US Energy, Europe Energy and the World Coffee Crop.

For decision support, eSignal features charting and analytics that can satisfy every level of technical analyst.

Hundreds of studies, plus easily manipulated drawing tools and familiar charting formats, bring the data into focus and paint a picture of what the markets are doing.

Also included in the eSignal software is a scripting language, eSignal Formula Script (EFS), which allows users to create their own studies. The Formula Wizard, a special Bar Replay function and back testing assist in the creation of studies and aid users in verifying the viability of their market strategies.

To assist in back testing, historical data is constantly being added to the data feed, with as much as 10 years of extended intraday data available, depending on the exchange and the type of issue being traded.

eSignal’s compatibility with a myriad of third party applications and premium add-on studies (many integrated with the software) broadens the scope of decision support and risk management tools. In addition, eSignal integrates its charting and data software with the trade execution platforms of many respected brokers.

Education that can help traders use eSignal to their best advantage comes in the form of free online seminars, pre-recorded product training, new user orientation, manuals and other materials posted online for subscribers to view in the convenience of their home or office. Technical support is available online and by phone, as well as access to user forums where EFS formulas and trading strategies can be shared.

eSignal comes in several versions at a number of price points that appeal to every level of trader, no matter what form his or her trading takes – short- to long-term, stocks, indices, futures, options or forex – and offers real-time, streaming, as well as delayed and end-of-day data packages. eSignal OnDemand has specialised versions for mini futures and forex traders. The Advanced GET Edition couples eSignal’s charting and award-winning data with predictive indicators for a rules-based approach.

For those for whom it is important to keep track of world markets while on the go, QuoTrek is a wireless add-on at 40 percent off the standalone price and available via the trader’s favourite mobile device.

With its broad market coverage, analytics, back testing and integration with a choice of trade execution platforms, eSignal is an all-in-one desktop solution for designing and implementing effective strategies for today’s markets.

For further information tel (UK): +44 (0) 20 7825 8701; (US): 800-723-8260;


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