Good news for dieters: Being overweight could be a lifesaver

Scientists and researchers have found that people who pile on the pounds are less likely to die early than the slim people.

Researchers pointed out that one reason for this could be that fatter people were more likely to visit doctor than the healthier looking people. The fatter people found them more reasons to work out in the gym, eat more vegetables, and always visit doctor to see if there is any physical problem due to obesity. At this point, the fatter people are more concerning about their body and their health condition.

Dr Katherine Flegal, of the National Centre for Health Statistics in the United States, found that people who are overweight had a six per cent lower risk of death than normal weight people.

The risk for those with a BMI (body mass index) of between 30 and 35 fell by five per cent. However, those grossly obese with a BMI above 35 were 29 per cent more likely to die than slim people of the same age.


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