Advice for New SEO Bloggers

If you are new to SEO blogging, you might feel slightly intimidated by the idea of writing tactically to top the search engines. While SEO blogging does have a certain advertising-tinged approach to writing, the key to success is the same as that of any other writing form – creating good content. High quality blog content is achieved through superior writing skills and a focus on topics that interest your audience. 

Good bloggers are always striving to improve their writing skills, no matter how long they’ve been writing for. When starting out in blogging, you may find writing to be an excruciating process. You might struggle to meet deadlines and when you have finally finished your work, you feel dissatisfied with what you have come up with. Motivate yourself to write as much as possible. The more you practice your writing, the greater it will improve. Subscribe to blogs that you think are well-written and take note of qualities that you believe make the writing effective. 

Knowing your audience is an essential part of SEO blogging. New bloggers commonly make the mistake of writing about topics that they personally find interesting without taking their audience’s interests into account. You should identify a very specific group of people as your target audience. This will allow you to address your audience in a tone of voice that makes them feel as though you are speaking directly to them. Research your audience’s interests and provide them with the type of content that they want to read. 

Search engine tactics are an important part of SEO blogging, but don’t forget that readers are the ones who will be purchasing your company’s products or services. New SEO bloggers: write your blog posts to humans, not search engine machines.


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