3 Must-use Digital Services That May Enhance Your Business

 Small businesses have to keep evolving to avoid being left behind.  Here are three important digital services that they should utilize to help their business thrive.

Small businesses are constantly on the lookout for ways to get ahead of their often fierce competition.  For the majority, it is a challenge to simply remain in business and be in the black with their revenue stream, letting alone reach or remaining at the top of the industry.  In the current global business environment, things move fast as transactions, connections and interactions take place largely online and digitally.  Companies and business people can direct their business from almost anywhere in the world and deliver their services to their customers no matter where they may be located.  It’s therefore important for these companies to be on the cutting edge of the digital services trends.  Here are three digital services that are a veritable must have for keeping your business up to date and competitive.

            Online Payment Options

Statistics from the Pew Research Center showed that, as of January 2012, 54% of consumers paid a bill online through their bank in the past month and, if this is to remain consistent across the country, people from Los Angeles, CA to Boston, Mortgage Bank MA and handle their finances over the Internet with a great deal of regularity.  With consumers this tied to their finances and exchanging money online, it behooves businesses to have a presence online and a way for consumers to pay for their services over the Internet.  Paypal is a popular option for both consumers and businesses and is particularly attractive to small businesses just looking to have a payment option possible without setting up a separate system on a website.

            Social Media Marketing

Digital service companies now specialize in utilizing social media for their clients as consumers spend vast amounts of their time, both leisure and working, on social media.  As word of mouth and personal recommendations remain the most convincing factors in a person’s purchasing decisions, social media is an invaluable resource.  When residents of Boston, MA bank online, they are asked to rate their experience shortly thereafter and can share it immediately on a social media website, ranking one business over the other.  Their choices can reach friends and relatives across the country and, when posted on a neutral site, can be read by people looking for recommendations from objective, like minded customers.

            Mass Email Marketing Services

Just because a business is small in staff does not mean that their reach and marketing power has to be the same.  In order to attain and maintain a growing following of loyal customers, it is essential that a business is able to send mass amounts of emails to their customers.  This will keep them informed of new developments, alert them to new promotions and products, help to distribute and collect surveys and feedbacks and more.  Regular email servers place a limit on the amount of emails that can be sent at one time unless the company utilizes an approved email marketing service that can handle that many emails and not be prosecuted for Spam violations.  A mass email with the phrase bank online MA might be diverted as junk mail and hurt business, so it’s important to have an agency that can provide professional advice.


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