Stocks And Precious Metals Charts – Comex Option Expiration Tomorrow – Trump Says 25% Tariffs On China

After the bell, Trump said he intends to impose the 25% tariffs on China now. The market was expecting this to happen after the first of the year, if ever.

Let’s see if the futures sell off based on this latest assertion. Tweeter Trump says a lot of things that turn out not to be true when cooler heads prevail.

I am starting to mark the retracement levels on the equity charts. Where this first bounce off bottom ends will tell us quite a bit.

Gold and silver were sideways today, ahead of the important December contract options expiration on precious metals tomorrow.

GM announced today that they would be closing 7-8 plants and cutting 14,000 jobs. MAGA!!

The Russians and Ukrainians are clashing on the sea. Russia seized three ships which they claimed had violated their waters and pursued illegal actions.

My sister-in-law drove home to northern Ohio yesterday and was fortunate to miss a major snowstorm that is making its way across the Great Lakes today.

Here it is just raw and very rainy. Dolly wants no part of it and is heading her head in her blanket. I did take her for a walk earlier before I went to the store, so I am content to stay parked under a blanket, drinking some soothing oolong Tieguanyin tea. It is also known as ‘the Iron Goddess of Mercy’. That does sound like something from Game of Thrones, doesn’t it?

Dare I have some beef noodle soup for dinner? Yes, I think so.

Have a pleasant evening.


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