11 benefits that will maximize the features of your ADCB credit card

In today’s world, credit cards are very important and are used heavily by many consumers around the world.
They are safe and offer options for anyone looking to shop without the need of carrying cash. Many banks compete and try to provide their consumers with the best credit or debit card features and benefits, and one of those banks is the UAE’s renowned ADCB.
So, what are the benefits of credit/debit cards? why do people use them so much? and what special benefits would you get from an ADCB credit card?
Why do people use credit cards?
Credit cards are a great tool to earn cash and many other rewards, if used responsibly.
Also, credit cards can be a great budgeting tool that allows you to notice where your money gets spent every month. In addition, some people do not want to carry cash due to safety concerns, so credit/debit cards give them a sense of security.
Quick facts about credit cards

  • A recent report shows that there are 2.8 billion credit cards in use around the world and 1.06 billion in the US alone.
  • It has been reported that 70% of people worldwide use at least one credit card.
  • Mastercard takes the lead by being the most popular credit card.
  • Americans are 40% more likely to use a credit card on a purchase.
  • So, in general, credit cards are very popular worldwide, especially in industrial countries, and since that there are many people using them, they must have a lot of benefits, and that’s what we will uncover in the next segment.
    Top 4 benefits of credit cards
    1. Cash back
    This is one of the great benefits of having a credit card. Some credit cards offer 2% or 3% cashback and rebates on selected purchases. This always encourages the card holder to buy select items as to enjoy the refund rate.
    2. Rewards and points
    Credit card issuers often entice applicants by offering rewards or points that can be redeemed to be used as travel miles or to get discounts on merchandise, restaurants, and many other leisure services.
    3. Emergency
    You can always use credit in case you were short in cash or if you were too vigilant in holding amounts of cash in your hands.
    4. Safety
    Credit cards help you avoid losses from fraud as if your debit card was stolen, the amounts will be deducted directly from your bank account, but in the case of credit cards, you can simply notify your credit card issuer of the fraud transaction and you won’t have to pay for any fraudulent transactions that have been made.
    So, in short, there are many benefits of having a credit card and there are several banks out there that offer a lot of exclusive features via their credit cards to attract consumers. ADCB’s cards are different, and they offer a multitude benefits and solutions to make your life easier while granting you an abundance of leisure privileges.
    ADCB’s top 11 credit card benefits

  • Apple Pay
  • You can buy anything with your ADCB card using Apple Pay. it is an easy, secure method to make purchases using your iPhone or Apple Watch.

  • Samsung Pay
  • Just like Apple pay; Samsung Pay is a fast and a secure payment to pay for your purchases using a compatible Samsung smartphone.

  • Global lounge access
  • With ADCB cards, you will receive premium access to many luxurious travel lounges in various cities around the world.

  • Mastercard diamond lounge access
  • You get to enjoy complimentary VIP access to the Diamond Lounge at Abu Dhabi International Airport. Some of the key benefits include dedicated check-in, customs, immigration and baggage handling facilities, luxury amenities and many more.

  • School fee installment payment plan
  • This feature enables you to pay your child’s school fees with a 0% interest rate by utilizing ADCB card’s school payment plans that span up to 12 months.

  • Vox cinema offer
  • Your ADCB card allows you to get 1 free cinema ticket when buying a ticket from Vox Cinemas using your TouchPoints and Betaqti Credit Card.

  • Yas Island theme park offers
  • Your ADCB card offers you discounts on admission tickets and on merchandise at Yas Island entertainment parks such Ferrari World, Yas Waterworld and other theme parks.

  • 3D secure
  • This feature provides you with an additional security layer by sending you a one-time password upon every online transaction.

  • Chip and PIN
  • ADCB cards are PIN enabled, which is a smart card payment system that adds an extra layer of security as you will be required to add a personal identification number in order to complete any transaction.

  • Card control
  • Control all your ADCB cards with the Card Control feature in ADCB’s mobile app.

  • Credit shield insurance
  • This feature provides you with many coverages for emergency matters such as involuntary loss of employment, critical illness, and many others.


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