Shiba Inu Lead Dev Burns $1.2M SHIB; InQubeta Presale Gains Steam

Image Source: DepositPhotosShiba Inu’s recent announcement about its token burn has triggered a lot of excitement about what this latest move could mean for its long-term prospects. The meme coin’s lead developer Shytoshi Kusama hinted that the team would be burning 1.2 million tokens to prune its supply. The burn strategy is likely to bring down internal inflation and boost its value. There have been discussions of the need for paring the meme coin’s supply.InQubeta (QUBE)  is a decentralized crowdfunding platform created for startups leveraging artificial intelligence for innovative projects. It’s powered by Ethereum and takes the bother out of fundraising. Using the potential of blockchains and smart contracts, InQubeta creates a secure ecosystem for startups to connect with investors. Its popularity picked up after its presale went live and it soon became one of the best new ICOs of 2023. Currently, its presale funding stands at $6.8 million. InQubeta: The DeFi playbook for AI startupsInQubeta (QUBE) is a convenient and user-friendly crowdfunding platform for AI startups. The platform connects innovators with eager investors and helps them trigger an AI-led revolution. The investors get access to future-ready projects while keeping up with technological advancements. Its native cryptocurrency, the QUBE token, is used for settling payments and giving rewards within its ecosystem. The token is built on the ERC-20 standard and it can be bought on presale. The token’s stock is capped at 1.5 billion and more than half of it will be used for the public sale. The remaining tokens are used for bankrolling marketing activities, paying legal advisors and developers, and distributing rewards. The top altcoin sports an in-built deflationary mechanism that keeps token returns stable in troubled markets. The mechanism works by keeping the supply lower than demand.The project will regularly burn excess tokens to maintain the status quo. When taxes are collected, the supply is at the risk of increasing. To avoid such a situation, InQubeta outlines a burn mechanism for a part of the tax proceeds.Token holders can stake their assets to boost passive earnings. These staked tokens support the decentralized platform’s development and are locked in a liquidity pool. The longer the lock-in period, the higher would be the rewards they get. InQubeta works on a fuss-free model where startups and investors interact via an NFT marketplace. At this marketplace, the tokenized versions of startups’ offers are sold. These offers provide a peek into how the AI project can benefit the investor. These NFTs can be fractionalised for the convenience of financially savvy investors. InQubeta’s affordability is among the key reasons why it’s currentky one of the top crypto to invest in. Transactions processed by Shiba Inu’s Shibarium cross 90 millionShiba Inu is a top altcoin that is credited with making meme coins a mainstream asset. Inspired by a Japanese dog breed, the meme coin warmed its way into people’s hearts with its quirky character. It has managed to stay relevant, even after many years, by constantly evolving with the times. It has added new features and offerings like a decentralized exchange and wallets to expand its applications. The most recent example is Shibarium – a Layer 2 protocol built on the Ethereum network. The blockchain is presently in beta stage and Shiba Inu is inviting developers to explore its potential.The meme coin has three tokens for diverse purposes. The main token is SHIB and it’s used for all transactional purposes on the network. BONE is a governance token and it comes in handy to implement decisions. It’s also the foundation on which Shibarium has been built.The last one is LEASH, specifically meant to reward Shiba Inu’s long-term supporters. By holding the LEASH token, they are eligible for exclusive perks and rewards.The meme coin was in the news after the number of transactions processed by Shibarium rose to 90,064,184 on December 12, 2023. This was in addition to the news about the significant token burn. ConclusionShiba Inu and InQubeta represent the best of old and new altcoins. They are among the best cryptos to invest in as they have been clocking consistent growth. 
The unique models of these two coins have catalyzed the DeFi ecosystem. With Shiba Inu, the world saw how even meme coin ecosystems could be monetized. InQubeta is looking to prove that startup investment can be made budget-friendly.More By This Author:ARKK ETF Has Beaten QQQ In 2023 But I’m Not Buying
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