Stocks And Precious Metals Charts – Christmas Holiday Weekend

Equity trading tomorrow will be abbreviated and light ahead of the Christmas holiday weekend.Stocks bounced back after yesterday’s ‘technical’ selloff.The Dollar declined.  VIX marked time but remained rather complacent.Gold and silver rallied.The Gold futures continuous contract is very obviously pinned against the stiff resistance at $2060, extending up to $2080.I would expect the banksters to continue to put up resistance as they have done so in the past.IF gold can break 2080 it could go on a run higher to some reasonable chart pattern projection, and markedly higher.  This is what the Western financial system and their highly leveraged paper gold pyramid scheme fears. As a word of caution, it has been some time since the grip that the Western banking powers have not failed to meddle in the precious metals market.The Incarnation is the reason for the season.Have a pleasant evening. More By This Author:Stocks And Precious Metals Charts – Ghosts Of Bubbles Past – Yulletide Wash And Rinse
Stocks and Precious Metals Charts – Who Could See It Coming
Stocks And Precious Metals Charts – Trading Will Be Light This Week


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