Demand For Physical Gold And Silver In China And India Overwhelming

Image Source: Pixabay
During this 40+ minute interview, David Morgan talks about how in his long career covering gold and silver he has never seen physical demand for gold and silver out of China and India overwhelm GLD, SLV, LBMA, and COMEX this much in only a few months.David talks about how many US and Canadian bullion dealers are stuck with a lot of inventory and are lowering premiums desperate to move inventory that they have losses on while prices keep rising in China.David also talks about how the wholesale silver market and when to buy silver and how to find silver coins and bars when premiums fall.Many US retail bullion dealers are flush with a lot of gold and silver inventory and are lowering premiums.David talks about how very few new gold and silver mines will be built unless metals prices stay high for years.David talks about his successes and failures in the royalty business and investing in precious metals royalty and streaming company shares.To wrap up the interview, David talks about how there’s a lack of copper and cheap electricity for new technology.Video Length: 00:57:55More By This Author:If Bitcoin Is The Answer, What Is The Question?
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