In This Market, Stagnant Investors Gather Moss

Once again, I saw lots of bullish calls for the market.

I really hope that our friends who have never lived through a sustained bear market learn the difference between a shallow bounce and a bottom!

That’s not to say that a bounce cannot be substantial or even last for a few days.

Nor, is it to say that there aren’t any stocks that will go counter and/or outperform the market.

Nevertheless, the fundamentals driving the negative sentiment in the market have not changed.

With yields and the dollar firm while the oil price remains cheap, finding instruments that will hold up in the face of these factors is key.

And we should not forget about the upcoming G-20, existing tariffs, and for now, deflationary factors.

Furthermore, we still have our burgeoning debt.

You get the point.

However, we cannot deny that Monday’s action will excite the bulls and encourage the passive investors.

Will those investors make money, or gather moss?

The simplest way to track the market is by watching the economic Modern Family.

The Russell 2000 IWM, has not had a textbook bottoming pattern. The phase is bearish and it trades below the weekly and monthly MAs.

Yet it does have a wall of support at the 145. Assuming you believe a bounce is overdue, you could wait for a close over 150 and risk under 145.

But, you must think about the risk/reward-can IWM rally to 160?

Retail XRT, which should shine given the holiday season, did manage to clear back over the 200-week MA.

Yet, it did not have a textbook bottom although it has a better position than IWM does on the weekly and monthly charts. With a better risk, just under 45.00, maybe this can see its way up to 47.50.

Transportation IYT, had a death cross today. With its support at 175-176, it first must close over 190. Then, perhaps we can get up to 194. Although, if IYT fails to clear and hold over 190, I would be very cautious.

As far as the others, Semiconductors, Biotechnology, and Regional Banks, the picture is mixed.


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