“Bey”by got Back!

It’s been a big year for the beloved vocal powerhouse, Beyoncé Knowles. She’s returning to NOLA, headlining the 2013 Essence festival. This will be Knowles’ third highly publicized performance of 2013. The Essence Music Festival, which has happened every 4th of July weekend since 1995, is the biggest celebration of African American music and culture in the United States. It is sponsored by Essence Magazine, a publication primarily geared towards African American women. Who better to headline this year’s festivities than one of the most celebrate, well regarded singers…ever? Beyoncé is known for her vocal runs, universally regarded to “Run the World”. As a symbol for African American women everywhere, Beyoncé is a great spokesperson for Essence Magazine’s message.

There was, however, some controversy behind Beyoncé’s performance of the national anthem at the inauguration. Some say it was pre-recorded—that it sounded too perfect. The evidence comes from the band accompanying Knowles. An immediate online retaliation came forward and gave evidence to support Beyoncé. Their argument came from rewatching Beyonce’s behavior as she sang the national anthem. From the way she interacted with her mic and earpiece, it was clear to some that she was indeed not lip-syncing, but it was indeed live. Either way, her performance at the superbowl more than made up for the controversy at the White House. The performance included large TV screens and even a mini Destiny’s Child reunion. Following the blackout partway through the game, Twitter was flooded with tweets jokingly suggesting that Beyoncé “turned the lights out.”

What will Beyoncé do between now and July? Hopefully she’ll take her precious daughter Blue Ivy out on a walk at the delight of Americans and gossip bloggers everywhere. Maybe she’ll start selling her own perfume, or release a CD of heavy metal turned R&B covers. Whatever she does do, we’ll still probably love her unconditionally. Shine on, you (potentially) Illuminati diamond; shine bright like a (probably) Illuminati diamond. [(Definitely) Illuminati] diamonds are forever.


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