Is It Time For a Website Upgrade?

 A business’s website is the forefront of most companies, giving off the very first impression to potential clients and customers. It is crucial for businesses to project a masterful website in order to give the right representation of a company and how they function as a whole. Keeping the company website up to date and keeping upgrades coming will serve as a great digital salesman who can harness new leads.

There are several dynamics that make a website a adequate site and listed below are a few ways for you to improve on yours:

Is your site about your product?

Most businesses do not feature the product or service they are selling immediately and it takes the viewer more time than it should to discover what is being offered. Do not hide your product in other pages on your site but instead get right to the point by featuring your product and only about your product on the front page. Having a URL representative of your product is also useful so that the viewer can understand what they are about to see before the page even loads.

Are product prices listed?

Your site should list and show prices of your products whenever it is appropriate. Many users are deterred from researching further into your product if they cannot gauge how much the product will cost them. A simple solution for this is to have a quote feature or a price estimator. A customer can enter the model or specifications of a product and get a direct quote on the price based on their entered information. This is an easy function for the viewer to use and they are able to compare your price to other companies.

Do you have easy access to your own website?

Being able to make quick edits to your own website such as altering price points or simply changing a picture on the front page is very necessary in keeping your website up to date. Most companies use a third party to help design and launch a website. It is essential to communicate to your Web guys that you need to have access to the site to make these quick changes when needed. It can be very tedious to have to wait for a response from your third party developers when you want to change the color of something on your website.

In the digital age, potential customers interact with your website before they interact will actual salesmen. If your site does not represent your company appropriately then the risk of losing these potential customers is high. Maintaining your website once upgraded is also key for retaining your customer base.


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